Budget for 1/12 Scale Model horse

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Budget Simulator 1/12 scale model (15cm high)

Model Details Make the choices you want to make your budget:


OPTION 1: Model (?)choose + Primer (?) gray, white or terracotta. It includes detailed model. (Should be included when choosing other options. No models are sold without a base primer)

OPTION 2: Modeling (?)Replica full. Static model (minimum 3 supports)
OPTION 3: Modeling (?)Replica. model in motion (minimum 1 support)
OPTION 4: Modeling (?)Replica. model in suspension (abdominal support methacrylate bar)
OPTION 5: Transformation (?)to create Replica. Static model (minimum 3 supports)
OPTION 6: Transformation (?)to create Replica. model in motion (minimum 1 support)
OPTION 7: Transformation (?)to create Replica. model in suspension (abdominal support methacrylate bar)
OPTION 8: Painting basic coat(?) : Bay, black, grey, chestnut, etc.
OPTION 9: Painting in special coat (?) : appaloosa, pinto, pintappaloosa, sabine, etc.
OPTION 10: wood base (?)rectangular, in mahogany color with plate
National Shipping: (?)economic. Delivery within 48/72 hours
International Shipping: (?)economic. Variable Delivery

Total: ......... $

If you want to place an order, you can do it by filling the following form:


Ideal models for processing and personalization in order to produce replicas of a particular horse are Breyer models. This brand has spent decades being used for this work with great results.

To find out which model is ideal for producing a replica of a real horse, talk to the author, since it must be she who makes the study of compatibility between the model and reference real horse to provide the client, in order to the result is perfect. You can choose between models that author shows to the client as suitable for the job.


It is the base color layer with a mordant with which the model is covered for the paint with which they work can adhere properly.

Usually, when it painting grey horses, white coat paint or light cremello, primer white or off-white is used. To reddish layer as chestnut or bay, tile primer is used in more or less intense tones, and dark layers, such as black, dark grey, grullo, blue roan, etc., light gray or dark gray primer is used.


Transforming or customizing of base model, such as Breyer models, is to work on the model to ensure that its appearance is the same as the aspect of the real horse. This technique allows to reduce costs as the base model can work faster and reduce the expense of material.

Basic Coat

The basic coats are: bay , black , grey in white phase, buckskin , white, cremello , perlino, chestnut and palomino. They may have facial white markings and white markings on limbs and some small "bloody marks" to some grey horses in white phase or "oil mark" on chetnut horses, also cream hair that is limited in the womb (Pangare ).

Special coats

Special coats are more complex when paint coats. They require more work to a very precise brush and airbrush work. These coats are: appaloosa , pinto , roan, dun , dappled grey , dark grey and combinations thereof. It will also include the largest marks as sabino white marks and "bloody marks" for grey coat which covering a back or neck, primitive marks like stripes, zebra marks, and cream parts( Pangare) that covering belly and chest.


The base that can be added at this price is a rectangular wooden pine base in mahogany or walnut color with brass or aluminum plate. other bases may be obtained, differently, black, honey, in different stone or wood, but to add to the budget is necessary to consult availability and price.

National Shipping

Shipping costs shown are typical for courier companies in its more economically. It can vary in 1 or 2 €, depending on the daily supply of each company, but the customer can choose the delivery company if desired.

International Shipping

Shipping costs are approximate, but it really depends on the courier companies and the daily specials, which can reduce the cost up to half the indicated price or increase it by 10 or 20 $. The customer can choose the delivery company if desired.

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