Customizing Breyer Quarter Horse #668. Part 1

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To begin, I want to show the original model, flawless in his paint, as any collector would find in stores. He is a nice model and I really like his pose, however, the details, the support of his legs and some areas with weak muscles, makes this model looks not too realistic. Surely, the original master of this guy will be beautiful and perfect, but the massive castings produces these imperfections sometimes, so my aim is to work hard on the model to improve his appearance and also give my personal touch on him.

#668, Quarter Horse
#668, Quarter Horse

The first thing I do, before working on the model, is remove the paint in everything possible. The paint of these models is acrylic type and as such can be removed with solvents for acrylic paints such as acetone, however keep in mind that these models be casted in cellulose acetate that may be affected by such solvent, so should be applied gently to not apply a large amount of solvent. The best way to apply the solvent is for areas with a cotton ball or gauze, leaving a acetone thin film on the surface for a few seconds, then you rub the area and remove the paint. It's a time-consuming process and requires several applications of solvent, but the process can be accelerated by soaking the model completely in a solution of solvent and water for several hours and rub the surface to remove the paint. Thus the paint peels more easily but there is a risk of damaging the entire surface of the model if you leave him too long soaking in the solution or if the solvent concentration is excessive.

The following images show the model with his paint removed by 98%. It's no essential to remove all paint at first if you are going to work on a job like this but it's important to eliminate the most. The remains of paint will be removed of the model as you work on him with Dremel tools and sandpapers.

The following work will improve the support of the model, balance and reposition his limbs.


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