Customizing and modeling commissions

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Customizing commissions

Commissions for painting models of Galeón Models brand or other brands of resin models are welcome, for which it is necessary to contact the author and realize the order.

All customized models will be signed by the author and shall remain in the gallery of customized models to the data model and brand that corresponds to this model.

Modeling commissions

Modeling orders are welcome. As they are exclusive models, the author will make only copies for the customer. The original piece will be registered under the Galeón Models brand and belongs to the author. Replicas will send with authenticity certificate, signed by the author and a data sheet of the work. The work will be published as the author's work with the basic information, omitting customer data and the real horse or animal (unless in the case of an existing sculpture) on which the replica was made, if the customer does not specify otherwise.

Originals or molds are not on sale.

Deadlines for sending models

Deadlines will vary depending on the work, the size of the model or sculpture, and the complexity of the painting, so it's necessary to contact the author to specify the type of work to provide a full budget.


To place an order, you must provide advance 33% of the estimated budget for costs of materials which involves the handling. This money is not returnable, since materials will be invested in post-payment days. The remaining 70% of the budget will be paid upon completion of the work.

When a commission is accepted, the author will send an email with the contract to the customer to uphold the agreement, in which the author will specify in detail the clauses of sale.

The work will be carried out only and exclusively when the customer signs the contract of sale and the customer has paid the signal of 33% of the total budget.

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