Payment, Shipping and Returns

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Shipping, Delivery and Returns

The finished works will be shipped within one week, to prepare your shipment and do it as safely as possible, and to avoid damage that may occur in the journey to the customer. Package can take to get home a short or long time, it depends on the location of the customer, and also depend on shipping conditions in each country, so it is necessary to consult the author to estimate how much the package can take to arrive. A month is not an unusual length of time for some countries or seasons, but a delay of two or three months is worrying, so once consulted shipping service and confirmed the package is lost, the author creates a similar to the one in charge to replace lost sculpture or piece model, and the client only pay shipping costs. It's necessary the customer estimates about the date of model challenges or model shows, because if customer wants a model to compete with it, the time is something important to consider, and if the package is sended in normal shipping method it's not possible to get it back to send it in urgent shipping method.

When the client receives the package, it is necessary to examine the box before signing receipt, and report the status of it if the customer perceives any impairment, in order to make appropriate claims to the shipping company. It is important to examine the model or sculpture delivered as soon as possible and check they are in good condition. In case of deterioration of the sculpture, it can be replaced if customer informs the author within 5 days since package arrived at home and sends images of this impairment to confirming the improper handling of the package. The replacement of the sculpture will be made by order of a similar sculpture, never different, and only when the damaged sculpture has returned to Galeón Models workshop. Shipping costs to replace the work will be paid by the customer.

The refund of any purchase will be fully recovered, only and exclusively, if packet loss during shipping, or if the sculpture arrives in bad condition to the customer for which the customer should have notified such impairment to the author immediately upon receipt.

Only refund of 70% of the total price of modeling and customized commission is performed.

No refund will be issued past 5 days of receipt of the sculpture by the customer, if there are no notification about the cases specified above.

Payment Methods

Payments will be made by Paypal, for your safety, speed and efficiency.

The rates for international buyers will be subject to the customer country's politics, these are variable and therefore will be specified under consulting the author before to do the order.

You can split the payment in modeling and painting orders.

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