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Models of Galeón Models brand

All pieces have their price on the layout tab, and depending on the type of model they will be available for certain countries.

All models have a authenticity certificate of the Galeón Models brand, and a data sheet of the model, specifically signed by the author, which shall specify the reproduction number, the official record of each model and data on the basic characteristics.

Customized models of other brands

All customized parts shall be signed by the author, and maintained in the gallery of pieces customized with data of the model and the brand corresponding to the base model.

Copyright and client rights

The author has the right to refuse sale or commissions on the client. This can only happen when the author considers the commision is not possible to do in a concrete time, or has clear suspicions that the customer is not honored, which fortunately does not happen often.

The author may file complaints if it's infringed her intellectual property rights.

The works by the author shall not be violated, copied and sold to third parties "without the author's consent." Being considered an act of piracy modification of artistic pieces for impersonation of authorship. The customized for their models is accepted if it clearly reports that the figure taken for such work is of the Galeón Models brand.

All clients take responsibility for the work they purchase, so the sculptures acquired and recorded, will be associated with the name and address of the customer in the sales database.

In no event shall the author is entitled to give customer data to third parties. This data will only taken into account in case of infringement of copyright.

The customer is entitled to claim their money in case of loss of sculpture or model, only if it is a fact verified by the shipping company or if you receive the sculpture with clear signs of deterioration due to deficiencies in its transport, and the client does not want to replace it. For that, the customer must inform the author as specified in paragraph: "Payment, Shipping and Returns"

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