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Abdullah was a Trakehner horse imported inside his mother, before his birth, from Germany to Canada, where he was born. Among other achievements, he represented the United States in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles and his rider Conrad Homfeld won the team gold medal and individual silver medal. He also won the Volvo World Cup in Berlin in 1985 and he was World Champion in 1986.

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He is considered to have been one of the best Trakehner in history in the discipline of jumping. He won important competitions with other riders as Joe Fargis and Debbie Stephens. He was one of the first Trakehner with such an outstanding career as stallion and demand to produce sport horses was very high. He was recorded in the books of Warmblood breed dedicated to this sport, and produced very good champions Hunters and Jumpers and important records horse ASHA. In 1999, his son Abracadabra was Jr Jumper of the year ASHA.

Thanks to the program of importation of frozen semen that was developed, magnificent horses emerged across Europe, descendants of Abdullah, and is currently pursuing a line of descendants thanks to the wonderful technology available to the SBS program, which keeps frozen semen. That is why is still on sale and still occur sons of this stallion.

Abdullah horse
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Abdullah was bought by Williamsburg Farm in 1973, when he was three years old, to Gerhard Schickedanz, breeder and distinguished member of ATA in Unionville, Ontario, Canada. His purchase aimed the mainly goal to breeding as stallion, and he proved to be the best sport horse in dressage discipline before becoming one of the best jumpers in the world. Its owners, Terry and Sue Williams, never thought about selling him.

Abdullah died in January 2000 from complications suffered in a colic, leaving more than 400 descendants and many others who subsequently born by insemination. Some breeders believe that no son of Abdullah was or will be able to overcome his father, others disagree and continue to seek the best colt to the bloodline of the stallion can provide.

Here are two videos of this magnificent horse competing.


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