Kheibar model


Breed: Akhal Teke
Year of creation: 2015
Version: 1
Scale: 1/32
Material: Milliput Superfine
Sale info: Facebook Page

About this work

This is one of my first equine miniatures. I modeled it by hand using a Milliput Superfine wire and putty skeleton. I felt satisfied when I finally painted the first resin models, I have kept one of them for my own collection.
For the creation of this model, I decided that I would be in a standing position with a natural appearance, so his mane is not trimmed. I have taken reference to different horses. This breed has a peculiar morphology, thin, fibrous but elegant. It's common to see Akhal Tekes too thin because of the eating habits and activity to which they are subject, but I preferred to model on the morphology of healthy and strong horses.


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